Monday, 13 April 2015

A formula for a phenomenal life

We have only one life to strive for the extraordinary, to make a difference and lead a life that we would be proud of. However, most of us haven’t unleashed the hidden potential embedded deep inside us. We are still waiting for success, glory and happiness that comes out of doing deeds that change the world. As they say – it’s never too late to start, here is your starting point for a phenomenal life. If you want to unleash is the best inside you, pay heed to the following points:  

Be the best in one thing

Think what is that one thing that you over the next twelve months can focus on with a ‘MONOMANIACAL OBSESSION’ to the point where, you can take all your energy and all your mental focus on and become an absolute master of it. We try to do too many things never allowing us to truly excel in something. So here on-wards, try focus on that one thing , that you can be the best in.

Cultivate good habits 

As Mahatma Gandhi said - Your habits become your values, your values become your destiny”, we all must cultivate good habits. We must regularly do something that makes us a better person or helps us lead a better life. Adopt a good habit and do that task for the next 90 As “Consistency is the mother of MASTERY” , you will soon find that habit becoming an integral part of your life. 

Delete energy vampires from your life 

We all have people around us who sap us of our energy. When we are with them, they-
  • Put down our energy level
  • Drain the energy
  • Complain
  • Use toxic language
You need to discipline yourself and find wisdom to delete those energy vampires.

All of those environmental influences are affecting your mindset, power, confidence, productivity & creativity. So you need to invite or must be around with those, who are -
  • Passionate
  • Givers not takers
  • Generous 
  • Creative 
  • Living the life, you aim to lead

• Do difficult things
Do things that scare you, challenge you or seem too difficult. Your payoff, your rewards, your growth, your mastery and your success lies when you go to the places that scare you the most, when you do difficult things, when you take the difficult projects, when  you read the difficult books , when you run longer than you’ve ever run, when you try new things that stretch you. That’s how you get more WILL POWER.

“Your limits are liars and your fears are thieves. Do not trust them. “

 I hope that these words will make you pause and think. I wish you a phenomenal life! 

Author:  Gulshan Memoria,Trainer, IDAC

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