Monday, 29 June 2015

5 Ways to Create Customer Delight

For any business to grow and prosper in the present era of hyper competition, it needs to ensure that its customers are not only content with the products and services, but in fact, are delighted. To get more business and retain existing customers, here are top 5 ideas to create customer delight:

1) Rendering a personal touch

The clients, these days are not just looking for a service per say. In fact, consciously or sub-consciously, they are on the look-out for something that they can form a deeper connection with. Therefore, it is the onus of the business to make the customer feel more than just acknowledged, he needs to be rewarded in some form in-lieu of his loyalty to the enterprise. For example, at Aadya e-Travel, we ensure that we send away small tokens of appreciation like flowers, chocolates our cookies to our stakeholders for their referrals or any new business that they might have brought in. At times, we also try to surprise our customers by sending across a small gift on their special day.  

2) Handling grievances swiftly and properly

One of the crucial factors that contribute to a happy client is the fact that their grievances are genuinely heard to, and sorted out within a reasonable time frame. In fact, this goes a long way in developing a trust based relationship with the client, which otherwise might not be that easy to attain. To give you an instance, at Panacea Web Technologies, due to reasons beyond control, a challenging project was terribly delayed, and needless to say the client was not happy. In order to make up for it, we offered a 100% refund to the client, despite the completion of the project. We also went out of our way to help change their hosting provider and eventually made their website go live in a matter of hours, thereby proudly converting a dissatisfied client into an elated one!

3) Clarifying policies upfront

In a world where customers are thoroughly updated and like to make informed choices, it becomes all the more important to brief them upfront on the policies of the business and the terms and conditions, if any. Consequently, it is also vital that these policies are adhered to, at all times. Sure, there can be room for some flexibility, but that should also be only in the favour of the customer. For instance, we follow a strict documentation process so that transparency is maintained at all levels. Moreover, we also ensure that there are no hidden costs involved in any of our services. 

4) Offering more than expected

Every new customer usually walks in with a set of certain expectations.  Much to the relief of any enterprise, more often than not these assumptions are just the most basic ones, and comparatively easy to meet. However, the business should be willing to walk that extra mile that turns a satisfied customer into a delighted one. At Panacea, we do exactly this. Apart from the regular deliverable, we work our way towards customer delight, by occasionally sharing information on new trends, innovative marketing ideas etc. In fact, even at the PC Training Institute, we go above and beyond to offer free personality development classes, relevant workshops etc. to the students for furthering their overall development.

5) Engaging the customers

In today’s times of constant communication, interaction with the consumers has become more important than ever before. Hence, just providing the customers with the requisite goods and services is not enough. There is also a need to maintain a dialogue with them on a regular basis, even if not on a personal basis, at least through channels like social media, e-mails, messages etc. At PCTI Group, while we keep our clients engaged through regular interactions on various platforms. We actively manage our presence on social media. We also encourage our students to participate in fun activities, sports, and various competitions organised by us, so as to keep them engaged at various levels. 

These are some of the ways in which we can go beyond routine customer service. What are your ways to create customer delight? 

(Article credits: Kum Kum, Sumita, Sheetal, Richa, Punita)

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